Our Philosophy

Heart to Heart Pediatrics strives to provide excellent, comprehensive and personalized care to our patients.  We use a holistic approach synthesized from science and medicine,  optimal nutrition, vitamin supplementation and parenting expertise and support. 


Each of our pediatricians has 30 years of medical experience.  We have cared for literally thousands of children!  We  keep up with the latest mainstream pediatric recommendations and have received awards for medical excellence.  We also implement information from new scientific studies that show how safe and simple nutritional, developmental and parenting practices can optimize children’s health and happiness.  We incorporate vitamins and supplements into our practice, both to prevent and treat disease.  We each have our own diverse and wonderful experiences as parents that help us to empathize with and support parents through virtually any challenge.


We respect parents’ opinions and right to make medical decisions for their children.  We welcome dialogue and are always happy to take the time to answer questions and explore options  


We get to know our patients and their families and work to support parents in creating and maintaining the healthiest environment and family life for their children. 


We love what we do and would be honored to be your family’s medical home.

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